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So free yourself now

So free yourself now,

Smile and be well.

Feel free to allow yourself to tell,

Yourself what it is that helps you feel good,

And relax and see yourself now as you would,

Love your life to be in every single way.

So that you will wake up and say

I’m so thankful for being here now

I’m positive and I can feel how

Joy is flowing through me in every way

And feel this feelings and you maybe may

Choose to love you, just because you are

And knowing that really you’re just like a star.

Shining so brightly with all your light

And feel your body healing in this beautiful sight.

Every muscle every cell every finger and toe

As you let every single bit of tension go,

Being happy and healthy and relaxing so well,

Allowing your own creativity to swell.

Feeling more capable all the day through,

Being more relaxed and feeling it true.

And as you become more aware of feeling so good,

Feeling it flowing all the way through your blood

Flowing through your heart, through your face through your smile

And allowing it to simply linger for a while.

Being so free now to choose how to feel

And feeling more light, quite a great deal.

And bathe in the comfort you feel through your limbs

And see how all tension simply dims.

See it fade away totally all the way now,

And feel that you are sure now somehow

That you can choose to feel great just as you are.

Shining your love just like a star.

Knowing it’s safe to love all the way

Because you are the one who surely can say

I love every single part of me now

And I’m free to love myself and choose somehow

To let go of the harsh judgments I may’ve had about me,

I can choose to let go, because I really am free,

To love myself and improve still,

In ways that give me a great sense of thrill.

The excitement you can feel of being alive.

Feeling happy and also strive

To learn even more about love, life and more

Growing, as you’ve never done before.

Expanding your wisdom and loving it all.

Feeling on top of the world and that ball of joy

Tingling in colours and beautiful light

Allowing you to feel so good and bright.

Beginning to notice now that you can,

Say I’m wonderful in whatever way I am.

Being more nice to yourself in tone

And letting go of opportunities to moan.

Speaking to yourself with a smile in your voice.

Doing it out of your own free choice!

Being kind to you makes sense true and through

Because in all of the world there’s only one you.

There’s no competition, no game to win.

So allow yourself now to begin.

To treat yourself with class, elegance and style

and enjoy this great feeling all of the while.

Feeling how loving you just feels so right,

And every day is all the more bright.

Feeling more loving to not only you

But to more people passing through

Your life as you live it from day to day.

Being able to enjoy yourself more now each and every single day.

Being so happy now and feeling it whirl,

And getting more comfortable the colours start to swirl

And filling your body from head to toe

With health and confidence so wherever you go.

You can tune into this feeling by clicking your tongue

And hearing now how easily this is done.

So as you begin now to wake easily

feel how wonderful it is to be free


#1 Christianne on 05.06.08 at 13:39

wow!!!! Top hoor!

#2 Ben on 05.06.08 at 14:06

Ja goed he? Ik zal je complimenten overbrengen aan Kate.

#3 kate on 05.06.08 at 17:17

Thanks , enjoy!