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In a time filled with adventure

In this
beautiful place somewhere in the world, in a time filled with adventure
there was a girl wandering the world. The young girl was wandering and
looking for something, she was looking for answers.

She had this sense
ever since she was born that there was a certain point in time where
she would experience clarity and creativity beyond her imagination
which would provide her with the joy she loved. So as the girl wandered
through her days , she experienced many things. She met people, some
young and some old each with their own way of living , each as she
could see with a shining potential bright as stars going about their
business. Sometimes she would ask the wise elderly ‘ What am I supposed
to do ?’? And they would tell her tales of possibilities and challenges
told with voices filled which rich tones and vibrant rhythms. Although
the stories would engage her for a while , the girl kept looking,
somehow she just felt there was more and she went on on her journey. As
she travelled through many places , sometimes she got discouraged, she
would not find what she was looking for and she could feel her
creativity being dimmed down and she felt the joy streaming out of her,
and she could see how clouds of worry swirled above her obscuring the
bright shining light that she loved so much. What the girl didn’t know
was that when she was born she had been blessed by thousands of angels
in every single colour, each blessing her with the very best of
everything. So as the girl travelled on in the world, she found herself
meeting angels who travelled with her for a while telling her tales of
wonderfull adventures , and she could feel how she soaked up the
wonderful tones and tales and she could see how very clearly the clouds
of worry started to blow away and how the skies were clear and bright ,
and she could see how the skies had been bright and light all along.
She continued to roam through the world , getting used to this new
sense of comfortableness and happiness and she still felt as though
there were more answers to be found. So as she wandered through the
world she could hear as she got nearer ,the sound of the sea, the
constant rolling of the waves with a strong and soothing breeze rolling
over into land and simply blowing away all the remainders of doubt that
she had felt whilst going through the world. As she reached the edge of
the sea , a sudden storm came up , and bolts of lightning and
thunderous clouds filled the air filling the air with roaring thunder
and she could feel the storm asthough in a flash clarifying her body
and mind and she now knew in an instant the answers she had looked for
with so much determination. So as the storm blew over and she could see
the stars high up in the shy shining brightly she decided to go for it
and live a life filled with fun!

Kate van Loon © 10 januari 2007

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