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Meltem – Metaphor

I met a young ambitious woman just recently, who was overwhelmed by her curiosity and she analysed and questioned almost everything. Her determination for achieving her goals was beyond limits for finding logical answers in order to create inner peace and a new comfortable place to settle. She had travelled the world as all people are travellers on this lovely planet for a certain time. She discovered and concluded during her walks, which she did for loosing 4 kilos of weight, that all people come and go and most of them never ask themselves what their destination will be in the given time they have. Most of them are too occupied with the journey itself and the people they meet along the way, instead of being open minded and curious about the purposes of such journeys are really about. Along her ways she found out that whenever you travel, you will gather and experience new insights and even old beliefs might be willing to change, which would go beyond any imagination at any destination. And so she changed her beliefs and accepted, no allowed herself, to be open and feel comfortable whenever and wherever. After a while she did found a new place to stay and it was not a dream, it was real. She founded a successful company and became responsible for all her decisions and felt great about it. Her flexibility and passion became one of her most powerful resources for achieving her goals. From that time on, she managed her inner states easily and they all finally melted into one. This wonderful person had finally accepted her right for feeling good, without having any expectations, analyses, questions, weights issues or whatsoever. A bright full picture of her childhood, so wanted, was finally realised.

You are there, so you can be here as you already are.

Warmly, Eco


Positive Intention: Finding inner peace and life balance

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Picturing a better life, which encourages change and openness

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